Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Is Not A Romance...

“I did not come here to date you, or fall in love with you, or have any part in your life. I came here to pull the grace from your being and send you back to your life…”
Addy's boss has been murdered. She's next. She's been folded into something that supernatural forces want, and it looks like she'll have no choice in the matter.
Tab's been through hell to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen - literally. The red-winged Angel of Free Will cares vehemently about individual agency in human destiny. How much he cares about Addy herself may be another thing entirely, but at any rate, she has a better chance with him than with the rest of the Angelic family, Fallen or otherwise.
In a run for her life and a race in which the involvement of the Devil himself is considered among the least of their worries, Addy must find enough moments of calm to unfold the Angel's Grace inside, her, learn from the visions it provides, and find the keys to Heaven and Hell.

       Y’know it’s funny, Tab expecting me to choose my own destiny and all. I guess it was fine, all well and good when choosing my own destiny aligned with what he wanted, but if Michael were telling the truth—which why wouldn’t he be?—then Tab would just as easily and readily kill me as either the Angels or Demons in this power struggle of theirs. So you know what? Fuck it. It didn’t really matter anymore did it? No matter what I did at this point I was a dead woman walking. Piorre trusted me with this, of that much I was certain, but maybe he shouldn’t have. Not saying that I was untrustworthy, just saying that right then, at that point, I just didn’t think I could do it. I just wasn’t strong enough. I pretty much figured that the best I could do at this point was try to figure out this Grace shit, get the location of these keys, and go from there on who I would hand them to...
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